The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation awards several paid archival internships each year to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in history, government, archival administration, library science, English, journalism, communications and other related disciplines.

For a current list of internship opportunities, please visit our Vacancies page.

Archives Processing Unit
Interns in the Library's Processing Unit participate in a wide variety of projects under the direction of professional archivists. Students gain career-relevant archival experience in a Presidential Library while contributing to the work of the institution. Internships may be available in the following areas:

  • Textual: Interns learn the basic principles of arrangement and description, as well as preservation and rehousing techniques.
  • Digital: Interns participate in the preparation and scanning of archival materials. Additionally, they will learn about metadata creation for a large-scale digitization initiative and the current theories and practices surrounding content management and digital asset management systems.
  • Oral History: Interns participate in the transcription, editing, and organization of the Oral History Program. Duties may include web page creation and editing.

Ernest Hemingway Collection Unit
Interns in the Ernest Hemingway Collection will gain career-relevant archival experience with the papers of a significant 20th century author. They assist with clerical tasks, preservation, processing, and reference work. The collection is being reboxed, refoldered, and the online finding aid for the collection is being updated. There may also be opportunities to reorganize portions of the collection. Besides containing Hemingway's manuscripts and correspondence, the collection includes many personal objects. To learn more about the collection, please visit the Ernest Hemingway page.

Audiovisual Archives Unit
Interns in the Audiovisual Archives primarily assist staff in answering reference requests and making reproductions of audiovisual materials. In the course of their duties, AV archives interns handle original photographs, negatives, ¼” reel-to-reel audio tape, and motion picture film, among other media. In fulfilling reproduction requests, AV archives interns learn to use the video editing system, the digital audio workstation, and the photo scanning station. Opportunities for supervised projects include audio and video tape logging and duplication, still photo and film processing and arrangement, and preservation work, depending on the student’s interests/skills and the archives’ needs. Some clerical duties may be assigned as needed.

Research Room Unit
Interns in the Research Room assist the staff in answering reference requests and locating requested materials. Interns may work on holdings maintenance and web page creation. Some clerical duties may be assigned as needed.

Museum Collections
Interns in the Museum Collections Department engage in team and individual projects focused on collection management, conservation, and exhibit development. While working with the Library's three-dimensional collection, students gain experience in museum registration, collection documentation, and exhibit preparation.

Internships are offered during the Winter-Spring (December 15-May 15), Spring-Summer (May 15-August 15), and Summer-Fall (August 15-December 15). Internships are paid on a stipend basis. They can be either full-time (40 hours per week, $1,400 monthly stipend or 32 hours per week, $1,120 monthly stipend) or part-time (16 hours per week, $560 monthly stipend).

The Library will also consider proposals for unpaid internships, independent study projects, work-study employment, and internships undertaken for academic credit. Internships are available to United States citizens or resident aliens who have a Social Security number.