About the Collection

Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., first deposited the Kennedy Family Collection of still photographs in the Kennedy Library in 1975, and made additional deposits from time to time in later years. The Collection consists of photographs of the Kennedy and Fitzgerald families taken by or collected by various family members during the years 1878 to 1978.

In November 1995, the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation* donated the Kennedy Family Collection to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum per a Deed of Gift. Under a separate deed of gift, the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation assigned its copyright to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation** with the understanding that any revenues generated by the use of the photographs in the Collection would be divided equally between the two Foundations. All proceeds from the licensing of photos in the Kennedy Family Collection directly benefit the work and programs of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation.

While the National Archives owns the physical materials in the Kennedy Family Collection, it does not have any rights or interests relating to copyright in any of the materials making up the Collection.

Access to the Collection is open to all researchers.

Copyright Policy and Procedure 

Copyright to the photographs made by Mrs. Kennedy or other members of the Kennedy Family are held by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. Additionally, copyright to many other items in the Collection is held by the photographers who made them or their agencies and are so identified by stamp or marking. A few items are in the Public Domain. Where no copyright notice by a third party photographer or agency is clearly marked on a photo in the Collection, the Kennedy Library Foundation asserts its copyright of said photo. Researchers are advised to consult with the Audiovisual Archives staff for further information.

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation requires permission be obtained for any use of photographs from the Kennedy Family Collection to which it claims copyright in any type of commercial or non-profit project. A license fee is assessed for such use.

Permission will not be granted for use of photos for advertising or product promotion.

The Foundation reserves the right to deny permission to any request. Permission to use photographs in the Collection must be obtained in writing. Permission for subsequent use or re-use of the photographs in any other project must be obtained in writing from the Foundation. Unauthorized use of the photographs within the Kennedy Family Collection may result in legal action.

Procedures and Rates 

Photographs to be used must be identified and listed and all uses clearly explained. Requests must be made on the Kennedy Family Collection Licensing Request Form and submitted to:

Kennedy Family Photo Collection Licensing
John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
Columbia Point
Boston, MA 02125

If the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation grants permission to use an image from the Kennedy Family Collection, it is understood that the Foundation gives this permission only with regard to rights held by the Foundation. The Foundation does not covenant, warrant, or represent that it is the exclusive holder of all rights in the Work, and licensees agree that they will obtain any and all additional licenses and permissions that may be necessary before using an image.

The Audio Visual Archives of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library provides photographic reproduction services and a separate fee is paid to the Library for such service.

Digital scans of photographs in the Kennedy Family Collection will not be provided until written permission has been obtained and a licensing fee has been paid.

The license fee schedule for images in the Kennedy Family Collection is:

Print Format/Photo Display

Wrap around cover - $2,000
Front jacket cover - $1,500
Back jacket cover - $1,000
Inside jacket cover/end paper - $750
Photo Insert - $500

Front cover - $2,500
Inside photo spread - $1,000
Story illustration - $500

Television/Web: To be negotiated.

*The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, established in 1946 by Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy, honors their eldest son who was killed in World War II. The mission of the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation is to provide leadership in the field of intellectual disabilities and service to persons with intellectual disabilities, both those born and unborn, and their families. Today, the Foundation has two major objectives: 1) to improve the way society deals with its citizens who have intellectual disabilities; and 2) to help identify and disseminate ways to prevent the causes of intellectual disabilities.

**The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is a 501(c) (3), non-profit organization founded in 1984 to provide financial support, staffing, and creative resources for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The Kennedy Library Foundation is not a grant-making foundation.