Comic Book Workshop

Superman Comic Book Workshop

In honor of our new display, Superman's Mission for President Kennedy, the JFK Library will host three Comic Book Workshops between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on April 25th for children ages 8-11.

Angkor dance troupe


The Celebrate! series, for family audiences and children from ages 5 and up, highlights America's rich cultural diversity through the arts. Check out the schedule and make a reservation for an upcoming performance.

Hands on PT109 cart program

Walk-In Museum Programs

Explore the museum on a guided tour or take part in hands-on history program.

crop of ST-C22-1-62

Picture Book Biographies of John and Jacqueline Kennedy

Simplified text, large images with captions and questions, a glossary, and activities make these booklets accessible to younger readers.

'Kennedy for President' Campaign Button

Travel the Road to the White House with JFK!

Explore JFK's virtual campaign office and make the trip with him from the Democratic National Convention to election day on November 8, 1960.