MO 96.247.4  'Kennedy for President' Campaign Button

In this activity, families or children may explore John F. Kennedy’s virtual 1960 Campaign Office and make the trip with him from the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, California to the presidential election on November 8th. You can access the office through the “Kennedy for President” button on The President’s Desk, an interactive exhibit.

The button is one of the key symbols of JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign and is featured in the campaign office. Other highlights include television “programs” featuring speeches by JFK, a campaign spot and interview with Mrs. Kennedy, excerpts of televised presidential debates, and the Kennedy jingle. Campaign placards, bumper stickers, posters, buttons and pins, memos, a letter from a sixth grader to the candidate, and Frank Sinatra’s “High Hopes” 45 rpm record are featured, as well.

How to Travel the Road to the White House

After exploring the campaign office, you’ll be ready to travel the Road to the White House with JFK. Download the Road to the White House Game Board below. Each question on the game board may be answered by information presented in the primary sources in the campaign office. The final question may be answered with your previous knowledge or by clicking on January 20, 1961 in the White House Diary. If you like, you can also jot down on a separate piece of paper the evidence that helped you answer each question on the game board.

For more information on the presidential campaign of 1960, go to the JFK in History essay, or visit the Media Gallery.

  1. Download the Road to the White House Game Board.
  2. Visit the Campaign Office and start your trip!
  3. You can check your answers when you've reached the end of the game.