2005 PICA lantern The Profile in Courage Award is represented by a sterling silver ship’s lantern designed by Edwin Schlossberg and crafted by Tiffany & Co.

In his design summary for the presentation piece, Schlossberg wrote:

"We chose a ship's lantern as the most appropriate design solution for this award. The design of the presentation piece must be strong enough to enable it to become a clearly identifiable public symbol of the Profile in Courage Award. The physical presence of this piece should reflect the meaning and significance of the award. It must also be a handsome and elegant object; one which is distinctive, unique, yet easily recognizable. We believe a ship's lantern best meets these goals.

A lantern elicits immediate recognition, and evokes the shared cultural symbols of light and truth. Light is the beacon of warning, of safety, of hope in the wilderness. A lantern symbolizes the search for an honest man. It lights a dark path, illuminating the proper course. A lantern is in keeping with the profound message of the work,
Profiles in Courage, that a courageous person is one who is honest, has integrity, and finds his own path despite the darkness of outside pressures. More specifically, a nautical image — a ship's lantern — is chosen in homage to the courageous naval career of President John F. Kennedy.

The design is modeled after authentic lanterns from 19th century American sailing vessels. The lantern is full size, cast in fine silver with four glass panels. The text etched on two panels is an identification of the purpose of the award, and a dedication to its recipient. A quote from President Kennedy's book,
Profiles in Courage, is inscribed on another panel. A traditional nautical compass rose is etched on the fourth panel.

The sterling silver Profile in Courage lantern is a timeless symbol of humanity and a very special tribute to the man who inspires this award."

Tiffany & Co., the Fifth Avenue jeweler and silversmith, was selected by Ed Schlossberg and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation to create the symbolic sterling silver lantern.

Tiffany's world-renowned standards of excellence have been brought to bear in the making of this award, ensuring that it is the finest testament to the noteworthy achievements of the recipient.

The Profile in Courage lantern resembles one belonging to the battleship U.S.S. Constitution, better known as "Old Ironsides," whose name has become synonymous with courage.

Tiffany's team of artisans hand-forged the lantern in sterling silver, with four glass-etched panels and a burner which is functional. The lantern is a product of approximately 100 hours of labor, requiring the expertise of a master spinner, silversmith, and engraver. The award weighs more than 44 ounces and stands one foot tall.

The meticulous manufacture of the elegant Profile in Courage Award underscores the distinction of this prestigious honor.