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  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Takouba Sword and Scabbard
    Gifts from Heads of State20th century

    The takouba (takooba, takuba) is a style of sword traditionally associated with the Tuareg. The sword has a broad straight double edged steel blade that tapers distally to the rounded end. The cross guard is covered with embossed brown leather and the hilt end shows a low stacked pyramid tip of three layers, the central layer being copper, the othe...

  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Female Doll in Folk Costume
    Gifts from Heads of Stateca. 1960

    Female doll with cloth body dressed in white cotton blouse with puffy sleeves, black felt bodice, green felt skirt and red embroidered apron. The doll is wearing black high heel shoes and a red head covering.

  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Palace Guard Doll
    Gifts from Heads of State

    Male doll with rubber body dressed in Palace Guard uniform: white cotton shirt, black tie, black felt jacket, blue felt trousers with red stripe down leg, and red and white citation cords on left shoulder and front. He wears a bright blue helmet with red and white feathers on top.

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