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    They Had a Dream

    After investigating primary source material on the March on Washington, students put themselves in the role of a civil rights leader and write a letter to President Kennedy.

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    Elementary School Curricular Resources

    Access biographical resources on John F. Kennedy, including a letter from ten-year-old Jack Kennedy to his father, asking for a raise in his allowance. All lessons plans incorporate age-appropriate primary source material. Topics include: the campaign and election of 1960, the space program, civil rights, and the Kennedy White House. Check out l...

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    Why Choose the Moon?

    Using primary source materials, middle school students investigate the motivation for President Kennedy's ambitious space program.

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    The Road to the White House Lesson Plan

    This lesson brings the energy and excitement of the 1960 campaign and election into your classroom. Students explore primary sources located  in the interactive exhibit The President's Desk  to gather information about the key people in the 1960 election and identify the steps one takes in running for presidential office.

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