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  • The Space Race

    The Space Race Activity

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    The Space Race

    In 1961 responding to the Soviet Union’s lead in the exploration of space, President Kennedy challenged the United States to keep up in the "Space Race" and not fall behind the Soviets.  He said: “We have a long way to go in the space race. We started late. But this is the new ocean, and I believe the United States must sail on it and be in a po...

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    Middle School Curricular Resources

    Challenge your students to analyze an inaugural address, research civil rights leaders, or follow President Kennedy on a typical day in the Oval Office, and more. Lesson plans and resources incorporate engaging archival material and meet national curriculum standards. Topics include: biographical resources, the campaign and election of 1960, the...

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    Race to the Moon!

    Topic: The Space Race, Social Studies, ELA, Science This social studies lesson uses the topic of the space race to develop students’ historical thinking skills. By examining an elementary student’s letter to President John F. Kennedy, students will place a primary source document within its historical context and use that information to...

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    Race to the Moon

    Elementary lesson plan in which students use a letter of advice from a young student to President Kennedy to learn about “the space race.”

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    JFK Library Releases White House Tape on Space Race (August 22, 2001)

    Boston, MA – The John F. Kennedy Library today announced that it has made available for research a tape recording of a 73-minute White House meeting that took place on November 21, 1962 during which President Kennedy made clear his administration’s priority that the United States land on the moon before the Soviet Union.

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