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  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Decature-Adams Tusk
    John F. Kennedy Museum Collection

    Walrus tusk scrimshaw, the largest piece in President Kennedy's collection, shows only preliminary outlining and remains unfinished. The front, from top to bottom, is etched with Neptune riding a hippocanth with two attendant mermen, a portrait of Commodore Stephen Decatur USN based on a John Wesley Jarvis painting, a portrait of John Adams based o...

  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Table Amphora
    Gifts from Heads of State

    Unglazed amphora with 2 handles attached from neck to body. The Amphora is marked with a rouletting line around the shoulder. There are many marine encrustations on the amphora indicating that it laid on the sea floor for sometime prior to its discovery. This vessel is free standing with a flat bottom.

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