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    Alberto Mora (2006)

    In December 2002, Alberto J. Mora, then general counsel of the United States Navy, was alerted by Navy investigators to reports that detainees held by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay were being subjected to cruel and unlawful interrogation practices. Mora, whose civilian position accorded him a rank equal to that of a four-star general, soon ca...

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    John Murtha (2006)

    In November 2005, U.S. Congressman John P. Murtha (D-PA), a Vietnam War veteran and the ranking Democrat and former chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, galvanized debate about the war in Iraq by calling for the phased withdrawal of U.S. troops from the conflict. Murtha, who had voted in favor of the Iraq war, argued that Amer...

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    Hector Balderas 2010

    Hector Balderas, 37, was elected State Auditor of New Mexico in 2006, making him the youngest Hispanic statewide elected official in the United States at age 33. On taking office, Balderas worked to change the longstanding perception among state agencies that their expenditures would go unexamined and that mistakes and misconduct would be allowed t...

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    Paul Muegge (2004)

    In 1998, Oklahoma State Senator Paul Muegge brought regulation to an industry that had long dictated its own terms to Oklahoma legislators. Muegge took on the powerful hog industry and angered the state's many hog farm workers by sponsoring legislation to regulate hog production, a billion-dollar industry in the state. The enormous negative envi...

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    Boston Schoolteachers to Benefit from Five-Day Conference on History of Civil Rights at Kennedy Library (June 19, 2002)

    The John F. Kennedy Library will sponsor a summer institute for teachers from the Boston Public Schools that will examine the struggle for civil rights and include presentations by such key civil-rights activists as Dorothy Cotton, a top advisor to Martin Luther King, and Vivian Malone-Jones, one of the students Governor George Wallace sought to ba...

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    Kennedy Presidential Library Kicks off Week-Long Teacher Education Conference (June 27, 2005)

    Boston, MA – Today the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum kicked off a week-long educational conference for public school teachers featuring nationally prominent speakers such as presidential advisory Theodore Sorensen and journalist Seymour Topping, the first western correspondent stationed in Vietnam. The conference will give 35-40 t...

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    Poetry and Power: The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy (January 8, 2009)

    Poetry and Power: The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy is just one of the many exciting and inspiring exhibits visitors will find in the Museum at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. The Museum’s 25 multimedia exhibits and period settings from the White House offer an exciting “you are there” experience, and create a stirring account o...

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    New Twitter Project Connects JFK’s Words to Current Events

    BOSTON, MA – On June 10, the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s seminal address at American University on the prospect of peace in the nuclear age, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library launched a new Twitter account connecting President Kennedy’s words and ideas to modern issues and current events. The feed – @J...

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    New Hemingway Materials from Cuba Made Available for First Time at JFK Library (February 11, 2014)

    BOSTON, MA – The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum today announced that it has made available, in print form, 2,500 digital scans of Ernest Hemingway materials housed at the Nobel Prize-winning author’s former Cuban estate, the Finca Vigía. This material, which has never been seen outside of Cuba, includes lett...

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