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    2012 Winning Essay by Patrick Reilly

    Patrick Reilly, a junior at Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware,  won the national John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students™. Reilly was honored by Caroline Kennedy during the May 7, 2012, Profile in Courage Award ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston for his prize-winning essa...

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    Veronika Scott 2012

    Two years ago, Veronika Scott, then an industrial design major at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, began working on a class assignment: “Design to fill a need.” She spent months at a community shelter, learning about the needs of the homeless men and women she met. In particular, she was struck by the needs of those who preferred sleeping on...

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    Ernest Hemingway and the Sea

    Paul Hendrickson discusses his new biography of Ernest Hemingway as seen through Hemingway’s long relationship with his beloved boat, Pilar.

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    USS John F. Kennedy

    At an official naming ceremony at the JFK Library on Sunday May 29th, 2011, the US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, CVN79, would be called the USS John F. Kennedy. The announcement, was made on what would have been the 94th birthday of John F. Kennedy,29th. Attending the ceremony were Caroline ...

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    Online Ready Reference

    Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, transcripts of selected speeches given by John F. Kennedy, a summary of legislation passed or proposed during President Kennedy’s administration, and other helpful resources.

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    Jennifer Brunner (2008)

    A series of voting irregularities in several major Ohio counties that use electronic voting systems led newly elected Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to order that paper ballots be provided to any voter who requested one during the state’s March 2008 presidential primary. Furthermore, after a study of the state’s new electronic voting system...

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    Gerald Ford (2001)

    President Gerald Ford was honored for his courage in making a controversial decision of conscience to pardon former President Richard M. Nixon. On September 8, 1974, President Ford granted a “full, free and absolute pardon” to former President Nixon “for all offenses against the United States which he...has committed or may have committed or taken ...

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    Cory Booker 2008

    When Cory A. Booker, 39, took the oath of office as mayor of New Jersey’s largest city on July 1, 2006, he assumed the leadership of a city plagued by crime and economic blight. Booker immediately launched a “100-Day Plan” to improve public safety, develop the economy, and reform city government. Among his early reforms were a reorganization of the...

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    Space Program

    On April 9, 1959, during President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration, seven men were selected to become Project Mercury astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Leroy Gordon Cooper, John Glenn Jr., Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Walter Schirra Jr., Alan Shepard Jr., and Donald “Deke” Slayton. The goals of the Project Mercury program were specific: to orbit a man...

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    Roy Barnes (2003)

    In January 2001, in his first term as governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes succeeded where his predecessors had failed, winning the state legislature’s approval for a new state flag that minimized the prominence of the Confederate battle emblem, which had long been a focus of intense political conflict in the American South. Barnes undertook the effort ...

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2001 Profile in Courage Award recipients Public Servants of September 11, 2001

2002 Profile in Courage Award recipients U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Marilyn Wills, New York Police Department Officer Michael Gerbasi, NYFD Chief Brian O’Flaherty, and Brookline, Massachusetts Fire Department firefighter Jack Dewan, representing the Public Servants of September 11, 2001, with Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy, May 6, 2002.

2002 Profile in Courage Award recipients U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Marilyn Wills, Ne...