The Board of Advisors of the Kennedy Library Foundation helps to support and advance the mission of the Foundation. It is comprised of a group of esteemed stakeholders of the Kennedy Library Foundation who support the Board of Directors and administration on issues of strategic importance. These individuals serve as ambassadors in promoting the legacy of John F. Kennedy and the interests of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum worldwide.

Mary Reed

Mars Child
Jill Ker Conway
John Cullinane
Charles U. Daly
Gerard Doherty
Kenneth R. Feinberg
Linda Dorcena Forry
Frank Islam
Kevin Kelley
Paul G. Kirk Jr.
Thomas J. May
Alberto Mora
Thomas O'Keefe
Richard J. Phelps
Scott Reich
Robert F. Rivers
Alan Solomont
Gillian Sorensen
William H. Swanson