The following individuals and families are providing for the long-term financial security of the Kennedy Library Foundation through their wills and other planned gifts. Join us in recognizing their extraordinary gift to the future of the Foundation:

W. Joel Ashley and Donald J. Andres Michael E. Bibeault
William McC. Blair, Jr., in memoriam
Richard Boker
David Burke, in memoriam
Trixie Burke
Leland and Margaret Cogdell
Jill Ker Conway
Christine and Charles U. Daly
Gerard F. Doherty
Marilyn Doherty, in memoriam
Nancy L. Donahue
Richard K. Donahue, in memoriam
Caitlyn and Kimberly Duncan-Mooney
Diane S. and Kenneth R. Feinberg
Dan H. Fenn, Jr.
Reverend J. P. Foley
Joyce R. Forrest
Dorothy Fradera
Carol and Bernard Fulp
Eric A. Guenard
Scott Hainge
Patricia A. Healey
Patrick and Carol Hemingway
Jackie Jenkins-Scott and James Scott
William Josephson and Barbara Haws
Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg
Gail and Paul G. Kirk, Jr.
Chris R. Maes
Jack Manning and Lyle Howland
Kevin and Polly Maroni
Beatrice E. Mangin, in memoriam Peter and Rosanne Meade
George Mercier
Michael A. Nash
Leslie and Roger Nelson
Dr. Barbara A. Perry
Richard and Sally Phelps
Phyllis L. Pullman
Margaret A. Reed
Mary L. Reed
Robert and Carol Riley
Allen Rubio Sandico
Lisa E. Sandstrom
Elaine and Gerald Schuster
Tony and Jane Scullion
Phyllis N. Segal
John Shattuck and Ellen Hume
Gillian M. Sorensen
Theodore Sorensen, in memoriam
William H. and Cheryl K. Swanson
Adam Weisler
Donald M. Wilson, in memoriam
Susan Wilson

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We encourage you to read about the following Victura Society members. Each has unique connections to the Kennedy Library but all have chosen to create their own legacies through gifts from their estates to support the Kennedy Library Foundation's future.

Peggy Reed

Peggy Reed

Peggy Reed was only a little girl when President John F. Kennedy was sworn in as our nation's 35th President, but the power of his legacy has always been a source of inspiration for her. She is committed to ensuring that future generations have access to his vision and has made a generous provision for the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in her will.

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John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Board Member, Jackie Jenkins-Scott

Jackie Jenkins Scott

Jackie Jenkins-Scott, a nationally-known public health advocate, is a leader in Boston and beyond. She has served as a Kennedy Library Foundation Board Member since 2003, and is the 13th President of Wheelock College. She decided to include the Kennedy Library Foundation in her estate plans to help secure the mission of the Kennedy Library and its vital role of educating young people.

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Former John F. Kennedy Library Director, Dan Fenn, with Caroline Kennedy

Dan Fenn, Jr.

Dan H. Fenn, Jr. served as staff Assistant to President Kennedy and the first Director of the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Mr. Fenn's role in presenting JFK's vision for our country began well before the doors opened on Columbia Point.

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Phyllis Pullman

Phyllis Pullman

Phyllis Pullman taught in the New York Public Schools District for over thirty years and is a proud Victura Society member. A long-time member of the Kennedy Library Foundation, Phyllis has chosen to name the Foundation as a recipient of her estate’s charitable donations.

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Charles and Christine Daly, Victura Society Members

Charles and Christine Daly

Charles and Christine Daly, the newest members of The Victura Society, have generously included the Kennedy Library Foundation in their charitable estate plans and have a deeply personal connection to this legacy. President Emeritus of the Kennedy Library Foundation, Chuck Daly served as a staff assistant to President Kennedy during his years in the White House.

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