A collection of oral histories from Kennedy Administration staff, government officials who interacted with the Administration, as well as members of the press who reported on the Administration during and after the assassination.

All material is in the public domain and can be used in news coverage with credit to:

  • The photographer (if applicable)
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

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George Burkley

George C. Burkley

George Burkley, an Admiral in the United States Navy and physician to President Kennedy and President Johnson from 1961 to 1969, discusses JFK’s health, Burkley’s place in the November 22, 1963 presidential motorcade, the medical care JFK received in Dallas, Texas after being shot, and his subsequent autopsy, among other matters.

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John Byrne signature

John E. Byrne

John E. Byrne, press secretary to the Governor of Maine (1958-1960); an executive at the General Services Administration (1961-1980); and advance man for President Kennedy's trip to Texas (1963), discusses how he became an advance man for JFK’s November 1963 trip to Texas, arrangements in Fort Worth, Texas for a short public appearance and a Chamber of Commerce breakfast for JFK, and JFK’s assassination, among other matters.

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Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, a journalist and broadcaster for United Press International (UPI) from 1941- 1948; and for CBS Evening News from 1951-1991, discusses his first impressions of John F. Kennedy’s, his one-on-one interviews with JFK, as well as reporting on the assassination and announcing JFK’s death, and covering the 1969 moon landing, among other issues.

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Sid Davis

Sid Davis

Sid Davis was a journalist, a White House correspondent (1959-1968) and Washington News Bureau chief (1968-1977) for the Westinghouse Broadcasting; director (1977-1979), bureau chief (1979-1980), and vice president and bureau chief (1980-1982) for NBC News; and a senior Washington correspondent (1982-1987) and director of office programs for the Voice of America (1987-1994). In this interview, he discusses the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing in, and the press coverage of the White House, among other matters.

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Sanford L. Fox

Sanford Fox

Sanford L. Fox, chief of the White House Social Entertainments Office (1961-1964), discusses Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s aesthetic influence on White House social events, presidential citations, and the White House renovation, and Fox’s work in preparing for John F. Kennedy’s funeral, among other matters.

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Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson was the First Lady of the United States from 1963-1969, involved in the First Lady's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, a supporter of the Head Start Project and founded the National Wildflower Research Center in 1982. In the interview Johnson discusses her recollections of the Kennedy presidency, her husband’s role as Vice President and President, and her relationship with the Kennedy family, among other matters.

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Godfrey McHugh

Godfrey McHugh

Godfrey McHugh, a General in the United States Air Force and Air Force Aid to the President from 1961 – 1964 discusses his role in the White House, the presidential use, planning and protocol of Air Force One, advanced planning for presidential travel, the transport of foreign dignitaries, and the aftermath of President Kennedy’s assassination as well as McHugh’s role in transporting the late President’s body, among other matters. (PDF only, no audio)

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Dan Rather

Dan Rather

Dan Rather is an American journalist, former anchor of the CBS Evening News and contributor to 60 Minutes. In this interview, he discusses his impressions of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, the Kennedy-Nixon debate, RFK’s relationship with Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK’s assassination, and negotiations surrounding the Zapruder film among other matters.

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Tuckerman and Turnure

Nancy Tuckerman & Pamela Turnure

Nancy Tuckerman was social secretary to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1963). Pamela Turnure served as a receptionist and secretary in Senator John F. Kennedy’s office and later as press secretary to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. In this interview they discuss state visits and state dinners at the White House, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy’s short life and death, and JFK’s assassination and funeral, among other matters.

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