Non-Aligned Nations summit meeting, Belgrade, 1 September 1961

Non-Aligned Nations summit meeting, Belgrade, 1 September 1961
1961: 28 August-5 September
144 digital pages
This folder contains materials collected by the office of President John F. Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, concerning the first official Non-Aligned Movement Summit held in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (later, Serbia), a conference for heads of state from independent nations who attempted to remain neutral during the Cold War. Materials in this folder include memoranda, a letter to President Kennedy from the summit's delegates, summaries and analyses of speeches and meetings, and copies of speeches delivered at the summit, including those by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito.
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  • President (1961-1963 : Kennedy). Office of the Personal Secretary. , 1961 - 1963
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The Subjects series was created by the Kennedy Library staff out of many small original files which did not belong in any of the well-defined series. Three small files, "Civil Rights," "Polls," and "Democratic National Committee," were transferred to the new series in their entirety. Other documents from a "Special Topics" file, from the "Daily Reports" file, and from a large group of "Miscellaneous" files were added to the new series forming a large and varied topical file. The resulting series includes documents relating to non-government organizations such as patriotic societies, states and territories, and many miscellaneous topics from the U-2 incident to mental retardation. In many cases, particularly with organizations and institutions, similar material may also be found in other series such as the Speech Files and General Correspondence. Quantity and quality are uneven throughout the series. The material is arranged alphabetically by topic.
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