Meetings: Tape 85. Vietnam, Defense Budget, Nomination of New Deputy Secretary of Defense, undated

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Meetings: Tape 85. Vietnam, Defense Budget, Nomination of New Deputy Secretary of Defense, undated
1 item on 1 audio tape/reel (12 minutes)
Sound recording of an undated meeting, possibly held on May 7, 1963, between President John F. Kennedy and Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. They discuss various issues concerning the Department of Defense (DOD), including the military situation in Vietnam, the Congressional budget fight on military spending in Vietnam and personnel issues in DOD, specifically the nomination of a new Deputy Secretary of Defense. The exact date of this meeting is uncertain since it does not appear in the President’s Appointment Books. Secretary McNamara refers to his discussion "yesterday" on the same issues, which could refer to the SECDEF (Secretary of Defense) Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, that took place on May 6, 1963. One segment of the recording totaling 1 minute and 50 seconds has been removed for reasons of national security. This sound recording has been excerpted from Tape 85, which contains additional sound recording(s) preceding and following this one. See Related Records to access Tape 85 in its entirety.
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