Meetings: Tape 106/A41: Orville Freeman; Soviet Union; Europe; Japan; Laos; Vietnam; Romania [Entire Tape]

Meetings: Tape 106/A41: Orville Freeman; Soviet Union; Europe; Japan; Laos; Vietnam; Romania [Entire Tape]
August 1963: 15-21
3 audio tapes/reels (196 minutes)
Sound recording of the following meetings, etc.: Part of an August 15, 1963, meeting between President John F. Kennedy and Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman concerning Secretary Freeman's trip to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The recording of this meeting begins on Tape 104. Brief August 15, 1963, telephone conversation between President Kennedy and Senator Edward M. ("Ted") Kennedy. Only President Kennedy’s side of the conversation can be heard. August 15, 1963, meeting with Ambassador at Large Llewellyn Thompson to review his recent conversations with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and other Soviet leaders regarding the non-aggression pact, Laos, Cuba, China, trade, balance of payments, commercial credits, gold stocks, the proposed treaty banning atmospheric nuclear weapons tests, later known as the Partial Test Ban Treaty (PTBT) or Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT), Berlin, German leadership, Brazil, Japan, Hungary, and the defense budget. August 16, 1963, meeting concerning German leadership, France, nuclear testing, foreign aid, and Cuba. August 16, 1963, meeting between President Kennedy and visitors from Japan concerning the Japanese judicial system. August 19, 1963, meeting between President Kennedy and several members of his staff concerning foreign aid issues. August 21, 1963, meeting concerning the situation in Vietnam. August 21, 1963, meeting concerning the Romanian economy, Romania's relationship with Soviet (U.S.S.R.) and Chinese Communists, and the Romanian standard of living. For more complete descriptions, including full lists of participants, see individual meeting records listed in Related Records. Recordings of individual meetings have been excerpted from this Tape.
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