Meetings: Tape 107. Thomas Finletter and NATO; Carl Hayden and the 1964 Election; Anatoliy Dobrynin; Vietnam; Portuguese Africa; Vietnam [Entire Tape]

Meetings: Tape 107. Thomas Finletter and NATO; Carl Hayden and the 1964 Election; Anatoliy Dobrynin; Vietnam; Portuguese Africa; Vietnam [Entire Tape]
August 1963: 23-28
3 audio tapes/reels (213 minutes)
Sound recording of the following meetings: August 23, 1963, meeting between President John F. Kennedy and United States Ambassador to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Thomas Finletter. They discuss issues that both men have been having with the press and ways to help solve these problems. August 23, 1963, meeting between President Kennedy and Senator Carl Hayden of Arizona. They discuss the 1964 political campaign, specifically Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, and water issues in Arizona. After the meeting ends, there is a brief discussion between President Kennedy and a staff member about getting something into a newspaper. Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force General Curtis LeMay is also mentioned. August 26, 1963, meeting between President Kennedy and the Soviet Union's (U.S.S.R.) Ambassador to the United States Anatoliy Dobrynin. They discuss a variety of topics including China, nuclear testing, Germany, Laos, Cuba, trade, civil aviation agreements, and space. August 26, 1963, meeting on Vietnam taking place the Monday following the now infamous Saturday telegram concerning a possible coup in Vietnam. This meeting is contentious at times between the Department of State and the Department of Defense/White House staff on what steps should be taken in Vietnam. Near the end of the meeting, President Kennedy changes the topic to foreign aid cuts requested by Congress and what can be done to sway opinions in the opposite direction. August 27, 1963, meeting on Vietnam, a follow-up to the meeting from the day before. President Kennedy asked Frederick Nolting, the recently replaced Ambassador to Vietnam, to attend this meeting in order to discuss his views on the Vietnam situation. August 27, 1963, meeting between President Kennedy, Under Secretary of State George Ball, and other staffers. The meeting takes place prior to Under Secretary Ball’s trip to Pakistan and Portugal. They discuss Portugal, Portuguese Africa, and the Azores, Israel, and discussions with members of Congress concerning the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Part of an August 28, 1963, meeting that is the continued discussion between President Kennedy and a wide range of State Department, Defense Department, CIA, and White House advisors concerning the volatile situation in South Vietnam. The recording of this meeting ends abruptly and continues on Tape 108. For more complete descriptions, including full lists of participants, see individual meeting records listed in Related Records. Recordings of individual meetings have been excerpted from this Tape.
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