Telephone Recordings: Dictation Belt 17A.3. Lucius Clay Report on Foreign Aid

Telephone Recordings: Dictation Belt 17A.3. Lucius Clay Report on Foreign Aid
2 April 1963
item 3 on 1 dictation belt (4 minutes, 41 seconds)
Sound recording of a telephone conversation held on April 2, 1963, between President John F. Kennedy and Eugene R. Black. They discuss Lucius Clay’s prospective testimony on funding levels for the foreign aid program and the Alliance for Progress program for Latin America. The recording begins in mid-conversation. Transcript included. This sound recording was originally recorded on Dictation Belt 17A, which contains additional sound recording(s) preceding and following this one. To hear all of the recordings on the Dictation Belt, see Digital Identifier: JFKPOF-TPH-17A, Title: Telephone recordings: Dictation Belt 17A.
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