Three Country Women

MO 63.124
Three Country Women
Miguel Alandia Pantoja (Mural Painter, Bolivian 1914-1975)
Oil on canvas
Framed: 34" x 27"
Painting of three women of the Andes wearing serapes rendered in muted earth tones. The figures are painted in a monumental style with sharp geometric outlines.
The President of Bolivia, Victor Estenssoro presented the painting to President Kennedy at the White House on October 23, 1963. The artist is a well known Bolivian mural and easel painter who painted the mural decorations in the Government Palace and the Legislative Palace and executed paintings for the Presidential office in La Paz. The influence of the Mexican muralists is visible in his monumental style.
Victor Paz Estenssoro, President of Bolivia (1952–56, 1960–64, 1985–89)
Donated to the United States