Model of Shalimar Gardens

MO 63.1942.1
Model of Shalimar Gardens
Gold Smith & Co.
ca. 1962
Lahore, Pakistan
Silver, gilded silver, velvet, wood
12 1/4" x 22" x 26"
Silver and silver-gilt model of the second terrace of Shalimar Gardens. The terrace was designed as "charbagh", a “four-fold” square garden divided symmetrically into quarters by parterres, a form often used by the Mughals. There are pavilions and audience halls on the edges of a large central pool filled with fountains. The large pavilion has three niches and a ramp carved to appear like cascading water. In front of that is a raised enclosure. On both sides of the pool are audience halls with 5 porticos. Opposite the large pavilion are two small porticoed pavilions. Green velvet is used to represent grass and there are flowers and cyprus trees growing at the corners.
This model was presented to Mrs. John F. Kennedy by the Citizens of Lahore during her state visit to the Shalimar Gardens in Pakistan on March 21, 1962. The Shalimar Gardens in Lahore, Pakistan were built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1641 A.D. The terraces and gardens of the Shal Jahan's palace were famous for their beauty and fragrance. The Gardens are laid out in the form of an oblong parallelogram, surrounded by a high brick wall, which is famous for its intricate fretwork. They consist of three descending terraces through which a water channel flows with pools and many fountains.
Citizens of Lahore, Pakistan
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