MO 63.2034.1
Maker unknown
Leather, rawhide, woven textile, felt, gold, silver, iron, copper, paint
19" x 15"
Brown leather saddle with red metal stirrups and wool cinch. The horn of the saddle is decorated with hammered silver appliquéd with a gold crescent and star, the symbols from the flag of Libya. The leather backrest and hammered silver stirrups also are decorated with the crescent and star motif. A pair of decorated stirrups are attached to the saddle with red leather straps. The cinch is made of a cream colored wool with a woven red, purple and orange stripe.
This saddle was presented to President Kennedy by Hasan al-Rida al-Sanusi, the Crown Prince of Libya during his state visit to the White House on October 16, 1962.
Hasan al-Rida al-Sanusi, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom of Libya
  • JFKPOF-041-011
  • JFKPOF-121b-006
National Archives and Records Administration. Office of Presidential Libraries. John F. Kennedy Library. (04/01/1985- )
Donated to the United States