MO 63.2267
Maker unknown
Karakul lamb wool, leather, fabric
4" x 9" x 6"
Tan Karakul lamb hat lined with purple fabric decoratively stitched with orange thread. This hat has a shape similar to a pillbox with a two inch wide leather sweat band; four inch high crown at center front tapering to a three inch crown at the center back.
This hat was presented to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy by Pakistani President Muhammed Ayub Khan in Lahore, Pakistan, March 22, 1962. Worn by Mrs. Kennedy on March 24, 1962 while in Pakistan.
Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan (1958-1969)
  • JFKPOF-118a-003
  • JFKPOF-123-008
  • JFKSG-MO-1963-2266
  • JFKSG-MO-1963-2268
National Archives and Records Administration. Office of Presidential Libraries. John F. Kennedy Library. (04/01/1985- )
Donated to the United States