Drinking Horn

MO 63.2470.1
Drinking Horn
Maker unknown
19th century
Animal horn, silver, niello
10" x 15"
Drinking horn made from a bovine horn. The horn is decorated with engraved silver and niello (a metallic alloy of sulfur and silver) at the open end and at the mouth piece. The mouth piece is shaped like the head of a bird. Attached to the horn is a silver chain strap.
Drinking horns probably originated with nomadic peoples but were known in antiquity as rhytons and were made both by Persian goldsmiths in precious metals and semi-precious stones and by Greek potters in fine red-figured ware. The ancient Scandinavians drank mead from them, and the same custom may have been practiced in Russia.
Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of the USSR (1958–64)
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