Treaty of Ormonde and O'Kennedy

MO 63.3293.1
Treaty of Ormonde and O'Kennedy
Maker unknown
March 5, 1336
Ink on parchment
Treaty of Ormonde and O'Kenedy, written in Latin. This is the original treaty between the Earle of Ormonde and John O. Kennedy, and those of his nation, dated March 5, 1336. This document is the first known mention of the Kennedy name in recorded Irish history. The treaty states that an agreement has been reached concerning burnings, spoils, homicides and other transgressions committed by the parties involved. Further, that O'Kennedy agrees to serve the Earl in his army. Both parties' seals are affixed to the treaty.
This treaty was presented to President John F. Kennedy during his state visit to Ireland in June 1963 by the Prime Minister of Ireland, Sean LeMass at the Iveagh House.
Sean F. Lemass, Prime Minister of Ireland (1959-1966)
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