Figurine of a Horse and Rider

MO 63.480
Figurine of a Horse and Rider
Vienna Augarten Porcelain Manufactory (established 1718)
Date of design: 1925
Vienna, Austria
11 3/4"
Porcelain figurine of a rider of the Spanish Riding Academy in Vienna dressed in a red tunic mounted on a white horse. Horse is portrayed in a rearing position.
This figurine was presented to Jacqueline Kennedy on the occasion of her visit to Austria for the Vienna Conference in June 1961. The President and Mrs. Kennedy were given a tour of the Augarten Porcelain Factory. The Spanish Riding Academy, founded at the imperial court in Vienna in 1572, exerted the greatest influence on European riding styles for over three centuries. Its particular pride is the stable of highly trained gray or white Lipizzaner horses. No doubt this gift was chosen because of Mrs. Kennedy's fondness for riding.
Government of Austria
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Donated to the United States