Figurine of Tropical Fish

MO 63.500
Figurine of Tropical Fish
Worcester Royal Porcelain Company Limited (founded 1751)
Worcester, England
Bone china
Porcelain figurine of a Spanish Hog-Fish and a Sergeant Major fish and a piece of coral mounted on a cedar wood base. Silver plaque on base engraved: "The Bermuda Meeting 1961/John F. Kennedy/President of the United States/From the People and Governor of Bermuda"
This sculpture was presented to President John F. Kennedy by the Governor of Bermuda, Julian Alvery Gascoigne during a summit conference between British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and President Kennedy that took place in Bermuda in 1961. The meeting was called to discuss Cold War tensions arising from construction of the Berlin Wall. The sculpture was displayed by President Kennedy in the Oval office of the White House.
Julian Alvery Gascoigne, Governor of Bermuda (1959-1964)
  • JFKPOF-111a-008
  • JFKPOF-140-044
  • JFKWHP-1961-12-22-B
Donated to the United States