Rowan Berry Tea Set

MO 75.911a-z
Rowan Berry Tea Set
Maker unknown
ca. 1960
Leningrad, Russia
Silver gilt, enamel
Gilded tea service of cloisonne enamel in red and white on black over glided copper ground. Clusters of rowan berries with white foliage decorate the set. Set includes six tea cups and saucers, six small octagonal preserve dishes, six spoons, one sugar bowl with bail handle, and one strainer. All pieces bear official Soviet state silver hallmark: ^*916^ (phi) O.
The tea set was presented to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy by Premier of the USSR and Mrs. Khrushchev during the Vienna Conference on June 4, 1961. The technique of cloisonne enameling goes back to ancient Byzantium; thin strips of metal are soldered onto the copper ground to form the outlines that are then filled in with colored enamels. This difficult technique was almost forgotten in Europe when in 1850 an imperial decree by Czar Nicholas I revived it and made it into a specialty of Russian craftsmen, much sought-after all over Europe.
Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of the USSR (1958–64)
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National Archives and Records Administration. Office of Presidential Libraries. John F. Kennedy Library. (04/01/1985- )
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