Ship Model of the Frigate "La Flore"

MO 79.184
Ship Model of the Frigate "La Flore"
Wood, cotton, metal, plastic
31" x 37 1/2" x 16 1/2"
This ship model of an 18th century 28 gun French frigate has three fully rigged masts. The two mainsails are furled so that the details of the deck can be easily viewed.
"La Flore", was one of several frigates in French Admiral D'Estaing's fleet 1778-1779, and fought for the Americans during the Revolutionary War. She was an American-built ship purchased by the French in 1784. After Andre Malraux accompanied the "Mona Lisa" to the USA in January of 1963, he had the friends of the Naval Museum copy the "La Flore" and sent this model to the President in March 1963. The model was displayed by President Kennedy in the Oval Office.
Andre Malraux, French Minister of Culture (1959-1969)
Donated to the United States