Press Conference, 15 March 1961

Press Conference, 15 March 1961
15 March 1961
1 audio tape/reel (30 minutes)
Public Domain
Sound recording of the President’s News Conference of March 15, 1961 (News Conference 7). President Kennedy begins the press conference with several brief announcements concerning small business participation in defense contracts, the construction of the Libby Dam in Montana on the Columbia River, the Export-Import Bank’s authorization of a credit in favor of the Government of Israel for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and the President’s Conference on Heart Disease and Cancer. Following the announcements the President answers questions from the press on a variety of topics including nuclear disarmament, federal aid to education, and congressional support for the President’s New Frontier legislative program.
Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer. White House Army Signal Agency. (05/01/1954 - 1962)