Press Conference, 21 April 1961

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Press Conference, 21 April 1961
21 April 1961
1 audio tape/reel (32 minutes)
Public Domain
Sound recording of the President’s News Conference of April 21, 1961 (News Conference 10). President Kennedy begins the press conference by announcing that he will not be answering any questions about Cuba during the day’s press conference. He then announces that the United States would be contributing food commodities to the United Nations to help alleviate world hunger, that the Veterans Administration would be paying a special insurance premium to holders of GI life insurance, and that the Peace Corps would be proceeding with its first project in Tanganyika. Following the announcements the President answers questions from the press on a variety of topics including the space program, the withholding of information from the press, domestic legislation, and nuclear testing negotiations with the Soviet Union.
Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Chief Signal Officer. White House Army Signal Agency. (05/01/1954 - 1962)