Press Conference, 17 July 1963

Press Conference, 17 July 1963
17 July 1963
1 audio tape/reel (33 minutes)
Public Domain
Sound recording of the President’s News Conference of July 17, 1963 (News Conference 58). The President begins the press conference with an update on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty negotiations occurring in Moscow between the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union, and expresses satisfaction at their progress. He then announces the preliminary budget results for fiscal year 1963 and urges a reduction and revision of taxes in order to further boost the economy. Following the announcements the President answers questions from the press on a variety of topics including the space program, Cuba, civil rights demonstrations, and the current economic state of the country.
Department of Defense. Defense Communications Agency. White House Communications Agency. (1962 - 06/25/1991)