Press Conference, 20 August 1963

Press Conference, 20 August 1963
20 August 1963
1 audio tape/reel (32 minutes)
Public Domain
Sound recording of the President’s News Conference of August 20, 1963 (News Conference 60). The President begins the press conference with a statement urging the House of Representatives to pass the Mutual Defense and Assistance Bill of 1964, stating that the foreign aid program is essential to the strength of the free world. Following this announcement the President answers questions on a variety of topics including the four safeguards proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to protect the country under the limited language of the Limited Test Ban Treaty (LTBT), the upcoming civil rights march in Washington D.C., atmospheric nuclear testing, British Guiana, and legislation.
Department of Defense. Defense Communications Agency. White House Communications Agency. (1962 - 06/25/1991)