First Kennedy-Nixon Debate, 26 September 1960

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First Kennedy-Nixon Debate, 26 September 1960
26 September 1960
CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) motion picture of the first presidential debate between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon from CBS studios, Chicago, Illinois. During the debate, Senator Kennedy states, "I don't believe in big government, but I believe in effective governmental action." Each candidate makes an opening statement of eight minutes and a closing statement of three minutes. Howard K. Smith moderates. Sander Vanocur, Charles Warren, Stuart Novins, and Bob Fleming question the candidates after their opening remarks. The subject of the debate is domestic policy, and issues raised include education, health care, farming, the economy, labor, and the Cold War. See "Freedom of Communications, Senate Report 994, Part 3, Kennedy - Nixon on Radio and Television, 73-92." Sponsored and presented by: "ABC, CBS, NBC Television Networks and Their Affiliated Stations." CBS No. 600926. Copyright restrictions apply.
2 film reels (black-and-white; sound; 16 mm; 2116 feet; 59 minutes)
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