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Use this search box to search the text of the pages below. After entering your term(s) and clicking "search," the pages NOT containing the text entered in the search box will disappear and only the pages containing your term(s) will be visible. To get all pages in the folder back or to clear your search and start again, click the red "[x] Clear". 


While the general search found in our header and on the Search the Digital Archives page queries structured metadata about our holdings, the content being searched here consists of text files that were automatically generated from the TIFF image of each scanned page using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.  Please note that the OCR results have not been edited or verified for accuracy.  This means that your search results will most likely NOT be comprehensive.  For example, handwritten documents and documents with faded or blurred print do not generally OCR well.  If you want to ensure that your search is exhaustive, it is best to view every page in the folder in addition to searching the text.