JFKPOF-002-010-p0029. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., at Coronation of Pope Pius XII

Description: Coronation of Pope Pius XII in Vatican City, Rome. The photograph was sent to President John F. Kennedy with a letter from Oscar Garabedian, who indicated he was given the photograph by a friend. Standing in the foreground, left to right, are Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, United States Ambassador to Italy William Phillips, and United States Ambassador to Great Britain Joseph P. Kennedy. The inscription on the verso of the photograph reads: "Mrs. Kennedy, Embassador [sic] Phillips, Kennedy boy, Mr. Kennedy. Coronation of Pope Pius. 3/10/1939. 3/12/39."

This photograph is from a folder containing correspondence between the office of President John F. Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, and individuals and organizations both known and unknown to the President. To see additional documents in this folder click here.