1905 Boston Mayoral Election Card

1905 Boston Mayoral Election Card

Date Made: 1905

Medium: Cardboard

Dimensions: 4 3/8 x 2 inches

Cut-out photograph of John F. Fitzgerald with campaign slogan at bottom which reads, "The People not the Bosses Should Rule."  This placard was handed out to voters during the 1905 Boston Mayoral election.  In that year John F. Fitzgerald ran against a highly respected speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Louis Frothingham, for mayor of Boston.  Fitzgerald ran for re-election against George Hibbard in 1907 but lost due in part to the negative publicity that he received concerning city corruption which he couldn't disavow.  In a three way race against Hibbard and James Jackson Storrow, Fitzgerald ran yet again in 1910 and won. In 1914 Fitzgerald dropped out of the race against James Michael Curley for re-election due to a scandal over accusations of an affair with a cigarette girl.

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