Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman.

Accession Number: MO 63.1009

Collection: Gifts from Heads of State

Title: Portrait of a Woman

Maker: Maker unknown

Medium: Watercolor on paper Dimensions: 15" x 9"; Framed: 19" x 14"

Description: Watercolor painting of the back of a woman wrapped in a yellow sari walking with a pot on her head toward a village. The Sky is rendered in a bright orange. A bare tree is seen on the right, with houses in background. Paper is trimmed with black yarn and mounted on a straw mat.

Historical Note: Presented to Jacqueline Kennedy by Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan (1958-1969), during the First Lady's visit to Pakistan in 1962.

Gifter: Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan (1958-1969)

Copyright Status: Donated to the United States

Digital Identifier: JFKSG-MO-1963-1009