Cuban Missile Crisis Calendar Paperweight

MO 7882main

Maker: Tiffany & Company (American, est. 1837)

Date Made: 1962

Medium: Silver, walnut wood, felt

Dimensions: 4 x 4 1/2 x 2 inches

Silver plaque mounted on a wooden base.  The plaque is engraved with the month of October, and "JBK" and "JFK" at the top corners.  The  13 days of the Cuban Missile crisis are boldly engraved, October 16-28. 

Following the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy gave silver calendars, made to his design by Tiffany and Company, to those closest to him during the thirteen days of the crisis.  He handed them out individually on November 29, 1962, at the National Security Council Executive Committee Meeting to each member of his Cabinet.  Each featured the month of October, with the dates of the crisis boldly engraved, together with the recipient's and the President's initials.  He presented this calendar to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library