John Glenn

Americans in Space

Speeches, documents, photographs and an activity guide your exploration of the space program in the Kennedy administration.


Leaders in the Struggle for Civil Rights

Letters and telegrams from key figures help tell the story of the civil rights movement during the Kennedy years. Documents included are from James Farmer, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, A. Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, Roy Wilkins, and Whitney Young Jr.

AR8242-C President and Mrs. Kennedy attend the performance of the Black Watch Band. South Lawn, White House.

Picture Book Biographies of John and Jacqueline Kennedy

View a slideshow or download a booklet about the important people, places, and events in the Kennedys' lives.

Historical Literature

Historical Literature for Elementary and Middle Grades

Bibliographies of excellent books about American history for elementary and middle school students. Check out the guidelines for selecting high quality books.

AR7370-D (crop) The President's News Conference of 23 July 1962.

The Presidential Press Office

What's it like to meet the press? See how Press Secretary Pierre Salinger helped JFK, and find out what happened at actual press conferences.


1963: The Struggle for Civil Rights

1963: The Struggle for Civil Rights brings pivotal events of the civil rights movement to life through more than 230 primary sources, ranging from film footage of the March on Washington and letters from youth advising the president to JFK’s landmark address to the American people and secret recordings of behind-the-scenes negotiations on civil rights legislation.



Visit, an award-winning microsite created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's administration. Explore events in JFK's presidency through the graphic novel-style History Now, learn how his legacy is being continued in the Legacy Gallery, and download customizable exhibits and primary source material for classroom use.


Take the JFK Challenge!

JFK Challenge App for Kids

This free iPad app from the JFK Library brings American history to life for kids by turning them into astronauts and Peace Corps volunteers. Take the JFK Challenge today!

Interactive Exhibits

President's Desk Interactive Exhibit

Learn about JFK's life and presidency in these unique exhibits


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