United States Flag from PT 109

Permanent Exhibits

Through our permanent exhibits, visitors to the museum learn about the career of John F. Kennedy, the challenges he faced, the decisions he made, and his commitment to public life as he speaks for himself on film, video, and sound recordings from the Library's audio-visual collections. Exhibits on the Kennedy presidency focus on such hallmarks as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Peace Corps and the Space Program. Exhibits on Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the president’s Oval Office deal primarily with the growing Civil Rights movement of the early 1960’s. A series of displays highlight first lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s role in the historic restoration of the White House, which culminated with her celebrated televised tour of the President’s House in 1962.

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Special Exhibits

Currently, our Special Exhibits include "Young Jack," which features artifacts, images and documents showing Jack Kennedy as a boy, a student, a decorated war hero, and a young man seeking his life's path; and the Freedom 7 Space Capsule, the iconic space capsule that U.S. Navy Commander Alan B. Shepard, Jr. piloted on the first American manned flight into space, which is part of The Space Race, a permanent exhibit.

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President Kennedy delivers the Inaugural Address, 20 January 1961

Past Exhibits

Our past exhibits highlight the life and legacy of President Kennedy, the First Lady, the Kennedy family, and feature special documents and artifacts from the Kennedy Library's collections.

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Model of the Ship "Danmark"

Museum Artifacts

The museum collection of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum comprises some 20,000 three-dimensional objects and works of art, including many objects of extraordinary historical significance and value. Among the collection are gifts, including those presented to President Kennedy by world leaders as well as the charming and whimsical items handmade by private citizens to express their support and admiration for President Kennedy.

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World on the Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Interactive Exhibits

Learn about the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy through online interactive exhibits on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights, Kennedy's space efforts, and more. Also included here is a virtual tour of the Museum at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.