A Shared Love of Words

"He read in the strangest way . . . He'd read walking, he'd read at the table, at meals, he'd read after dinner, he'd read in the bathtub . . . He really read all the times you don't think you have time to read. . . . He was always reading—practically while driving a car. " - Jacqueline Kennedy

Both President and Mrs. Kennedy shared a love of language, and believed in the power of words. As a young man, JFK collected quotes that he kept in notebooks—a habit passed down from his mother, and he was the first President to invite a poet, Robert Frost, to recite his work at an inaugural ceremony. Poems that Jacqueline Kennedy memorized as a child with her grandfather stayed with her throughout her life. She once wrote: "All the changes in the world, for good or evil, were first brought about by words."

"I think he was always looking for something in books – he was looking for something about history, or something for a quote . . . " - Jacqueline Kennedy