The groundbreaking initiative we are announcing today is the first of its kind in the nation…Because of this historical initiative, millions of documents, miles of film, and hundreds of thousands of photographs from President Kennedy’s administration will be scanned, digitized, indexed and permanently preserved. More importantly, they will be available to all citizens of the world – not just the scholars and researchers who make the journey to Boston.
               -- Senator Edward M. Kennedy, June 9, 2006 

"Access to a Legacy" is a public-private partnership between the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. The initiative's objectives are to: digitize, index, and permanently retain millions of presidential documents, photographs, and audiovisual recordings; provide worldwide, online access to these materials and facilitate their search and discovery through the use of metadata; protect historical assets through remote replication; and minimize the deterioration of unique and irreplaceable records and artifacts.

We invite you to browse the digital collections.