Our partners

There are currently four Founding Technology Partners donating in-kind services and expertise to the Kennedy Library in the effort to create a total solution for the Library's digital archives. Participants include:

EMC for storage and content management
The storage hardware used by the Kennedy Library includes EMC Centera and Celerra NS-120, with Captiva InputAccel and Documentum running on DELL servers as our scanning and content management software. EMC has provided hardware, software, and consulting services.

Raytheon for system architecture and integration
When working with multiple partners, it is essential to bring all of the technology components into a single digital archives infrastructure that optimizes performance and costs. The Raytheon team is working with the other technology partners to ensure interoperability of all components and to help create the integrated project plan to deploy the technical system over time.

Iron Mountain for protection, preservation and disaster recovery
The digitized assets will be stored in a data center at Iron Mountain’s underground facility in Pennsylvania. This data center will have room for expanding assets as the project grows over time, and will be managed by Iron Mountain professionals 24/7 in an optimum environment. The facility has the highest level of security and houses many other historic and valuable collections, both in their original media and in digitized formats, for clients as diverse as the U.S. Government and major motion picture studios. Iron Mountain's Xepa division has also provided audiovisual digitization services.

AT&T for access and network bandwidth advice
Transporting digitized data electronically from the Kennedy Library to multiple sites will involve telecommunications bandwidth to accommodate the traffic volume. As collections are digitized, data will be stored in both compressed and full resolution copies within the digital archives. Additional copies will be stored at a third safe location. AT&T will configure and recommend the needed bandwidth among locations.

In addition to the Technical Partners, the following Participating Partners are providing vital services and expertise to the Kennedy Library:

Endeca Endeca for our search engine technology on the website and digital archives.
velir.com Velir Studios, our partner in building the website and web portal to the digital archives on the Sitecore CMS platform.
IBM Logo IBM Interactive to build a new module for the new Kennedy Library website highlighting the digital images, documents and moving images from the digital archives.