Terms of use

As part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum permits access to its digital holdings for "private study, scholarship, or research."

We strive to ensure that the information we provide to researchers is both accurate and complete; when information changes we try to update it as quickly as possible. All digitized documents provided on the Kennedy Library website are derived from documents of record (that is not necessarily the case with documents presented on other NARA websites). Please note, however, that a document's authenticity can only be confirmed by examining the “record” version physically held at the Kennedy Library. If you have questions about the authenticity of a document, please contact the Main Research Room at Kennedy.Library@nara.gov or 617.514.1629. 

Some materials may be subject to restrictions on use and we encourage you to consult our Reference staff to verify permissions for specific items (see contact information above). Importantly, Reference staff cannot always verify the copyright status of materials held by the Kennedy Library; in those cases, we strongly recommend that you contact the United States Copyright Office (at the Library of Congress) to confirm the copyright status of specific items in question.

Ultimately, it is the researcher's responsibility to ensure that all intellectual property rights are protected when utilizing (or downloading) materials from our digital collections. Reference staff will provide guidance on copyright matters whenever possible; however, the risk of copyright violation is borne by the researcher, alone.