Below is a list of all moving image collections open for research at the Kennedy Library – with links to collection descriptions, collection finding aids (guides), and digitized collection content, where available.

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JFKWHP-AR6284-A (crop): Cameraman Films Former President Harry S. Truman, 21 January 1961

Donated Personal Stock Film Collection (DPS)

Moving image recordings, 1930-1968 (bulk 1960-1964). Amateur "home movie" recordings of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, and other members of the Kennedy family campaigning, on trips, and in candid situations; funeral and memorial events for John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy; amateur films showing Ernest Hemingway camping, fishing and hunting. Collection overview

PX65-152: p.78 (crop): A Woman with Binoculars Holding a Child and Standing on a Ladder on a Street Corner with a Sign Reading "Bernauer Strasse," c. 1963

Foreign and Other Networks (FON)

News, documentary, and memorial coverage of John F. Kennedy as presented by foreign television networks or non-U. S. producers for foreign telecast; includes material from BBC (UK), CBC (Canada), NHK (Japan), Deutsche Wochenschau / WDR / Sender Freis (Germany), RAI (Italy), RTF (France), Telefis Eireann (Ireland), and others. 1960-1983. Collection overview

JFKWHP-KN-20749 (crop): President Kennedy Records Remarks for a Film on Physical Fitness, 30 March 1962

Independent Film Producers Collection (IFP)

Films 1932-1998. Motion picture films and video created by American news and video producers or independent production companies. Films document President John F. Kennedy; his family and contemporary political figures; and the social, industrial, and political events and movements of President Kennedy's times. Collection overviewFinding aidDigitized moving images (1 item)

NLJFK93-C50P-1 (crop): President William J. Clinton and Senator Edward M. Kennedy at Rededication Ceremony of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, 29 October 1993

John F. Kennedy Library Photographs and Recordings

Video tape of events that were held at and/or sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, including the Library dedication, distinguished visitors, and forums. 1979-present.

(See also Photographic Images and Sound Recordings for descriptions of the collection's photographic and audio materials.)

White House Army Signal Agency (WHASA) Equipment Demonstration, 10 January 1962

Miscellaneous Recordings (MR)

Motion picture film, video tape, and DVDs donated by miscellaneous sources, including newsreel companies, film makers, and individuals, covering John F. Kennedy, his family, and others. c. 1913-present.

PC484 (crop): "Coffee with the Kennedys" Call-in Television Program, John F. Kennedy Senatorial Campaign, 1952

Network Affiliates, Independent (NAI)

News film and video tapes donated by local network affiliates, primarily covering John F. Kennedy’s public life. 1952-1964.

PX65-2:44 (crop): Peace Corps Volunteer Barbara J. Wylie in Katmandu, Nepal, 1963

Peace Corps Films

Motion picture film and video tape that originally served as the Peace Corps/Vista lending library. Content includes informational films about agriculture, disease, science, and world cultures, as well as Peace Corps/VISTA recruiting films and spot ads. 1944-1991.

(See also Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection sound recordings and United States Peace Corps Photograph Collection.)

JFKWHP-KN-C23540 (crop): President Kennedy Gives Younger Kennedys a Ride around Kennedy Compound in a Golf Cart, Hyannis Port, MA, 3 September 1962

President’s Personal Pictures (PPP)

Senate film studio productions and films of personal, non-official activities of the President and his family. 1928, 1940-1963. Collection overviewFinding aidDigitized moving images

JFKWHP-ST-548-1-62 (crop): Taping of ABC Television Interview, "After Two Years: A Conversation With The President," 16 December 1962

Television Network American Broadcasting Company Collection (TNA)

News film donated by ABC covering John F. Kennedy’s political activities before and during his presidency. 1957-1966.

JFKWHP-ST-C276-9-63 (crop): President Kennedy being Interviewed by CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite, 3 September 1963

Television Network Columbia Broadcasting System Collection (TNC)

CBS Television Network coverage documenting John F. Kennedy, his Administration and family, and domestic and world events. Included are: spot news; news magazine programs; presidential news conferences, trips, speeches, remarks, and interviews; and other official and non-official activities. 1952-1973. Collection overview | Digitized moving images

(For copyright information, go to Licensing CBS News Footage.)
JFKWHP-ST-548-3-62 (crop): Taping of the Television Interview, "After Two Years: A Conversation With The President," Sander Vanocur (NBC News) and President Kennedy, 16 December 1962

Television Network National Broadcasting Company Collection (TNN)

NBC Television Network coverage documenting John F. Kennedy, his administration, his family, and national and world events during the coverage period. Includes spot news; presidential news conferences; news magazine programs; presidential trips, speeches, remarks, and interviews; and other coverage of official and non-official activities. 1953-1968. Collection overview

JFKWHP-ST-476-4-62: President Kennedy Makes Public Service Film, "Voting on November 6," 1 November 1962

United States Government Agencies Collection (USG)

Motion picture films and other audiovisual materials created or commissioned by departments and agencies of the United States Government, including United States Information Agency / Service (USIA/USIS); Departments of Defense, Army, Air Force, Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, and Interior; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); and others. 1949-1989. Collection overview | Finding aid | Digitized moving images

PX2009-25 (crop): Senator John F. Kennedy Speaks at a Campaign Rally in the Garment Center, New York, NY, 27 October 1960

Victoria Schuck Collection

Motion picture film, videotape, sound discs, and audiotape recordings of political rallies, speeches, advertisements, and other documentation of local, state, and national political campaigns and events, as recorded or acquired by the major national political committees. Off-election year materials also included. 1944-1968. Collection overview 

(See also Victoria Schuck Collection sound recordings.)

JFKWHP-KN-C20783 (crop): President Kennedy Records Remarks for a Film on Physical Fitness, 30 March 1962

White House Films (WHN, WHS, and WHU)

Films 1945-1963 (bulk 1962-1963). Color and black-and-white motion picture films produced by the Office of the Naval Aide to the President and the Office of the Military Aide to the President depicting President John F. Kennedy and others at official White House ceremonies, performances, and dignitary visits. Additional events include John F. Kennedy’s trips in the United States and Europe; President Kennedy's funeral; and the commissioning of the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Collection overviewFinding aid | Digitized moving images