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PX2009-05-01-07 (crop): Man Watching Robert F. Kennedy's Funeral Train from Railroad Tracks, 8 June 1968, (c) Seth Beckerman

Seth Beckerman Photograph Collection

Negatives, 1968. Black-and-white 35mm. Images made by Beckerman while on the funeral train carrying Robert F. Kennedy's body from New York City for burial in Arlington National Cemetery, 8 June 1968Collection overview | Finding aid 

BB T10205 C133 (crop): Robert F. Kennedy Campaigning in Pendleton, Oregon, 21 May 1968, (c) Burton Berinsky

Burton Berinsky Photograph Collection

Original negatives, transparencies, contact sheets, and file prints by photographer Burton Berinsky, 1960-1976. The collection covers: the 1960 presidential campaign and selected events during John F. Kennedy's presidency; Robert F. Kennedy’s 1964 senatorial and 1968 presidential campaigns; Robert F. Kennedy’s funeral; Edward M. Kennedy; and other contemporary figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Eugene McCarthy, George Romney, Nelson Rockefeller, George McGovern, and Edmund Muskie.

PX65-34:103 (crop): President Kennedy's Casket Lying in State, November 1963: 24-25

Black Star Photograph Agency Collection

Photographs, 1960-1963. 7" x 9" black-and-white prints. Images made by Black Star Publishing Co., Inc. photographers, featuring John F. Kennedy at various events during his presidential campaign and as President; members of the Kennedy family and the Kennedy Administration also appear. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX78-33:16 (crop): Joseph P. Kennedy, Captain of the Baseball Team at Boston Latin High School, undated

Boston Globe Newspaper Photograph Collection

Photographs, circa 1897-1962, created and collected for publication in The Boston Globe. Photographs include early images of the John F. Fitzgerald family, the Joseph P. Kennedy family, and John F. Kennedy from childhood through his tenure as Congressman. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX94-51:15 (crop): Red Sox Opening Day at Fenway Park: Robert Kennedy, Carl Yastrzemski, and Edward Kennedy, 17 April 1964

Boston Herald Newspaper Photograph Collection

Photographs, circa 1880-1972. Primarily 8" x 10" black-and-white prints. Images made by Boston Herald photographers and the Associated Press wire services, featuring John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family at various events during his tenure as Congressman through his presidency. Also included are historic family photographs as well as images of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and memorial services, Jacqueline Kennedy’s life through 1969, and the creation of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Collection overview | Finding aid

PC772 (crop): Senator John F. Kennedy at the 1956 Democratic National Convention, Chicago, August 1956

Democratic National Committee Photographs

File photos taken by the DNC’s staff photographer, primarily of DNC personnel, party leaders, and the 1960 and 1964 presidential campaigns.

DODCMCBM-PX-66-20-13 (crop): Map of North and South America Showing Potential Ranges of Soviet Medium Range and Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles from Cuba, 6 February 1963

Department of Defense Cuban Missile Crisis Briefing Materials

Material associated with the televised Department of Defense briefing of 6 February 1963, regarding the military build-up in and subsequent removal of weapons from Cuba in the fall of 1962. Includes photographs of aircraft, naval vessels, weapons, aerial reconnaissance images, charts, graphs, and other illustrations. Also includes an audio recording and written transcript of the briefing. Collection overviewFinding aidDigitized materials

CGC-PH-C036T (crop): First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Getting out of Convertible in Dallas, Texas, 22 November 1963.

Carl Gray Collection

Photographs and textual material. Transparencies created and acquired by Carl Gray, Second Officer of Pan-American World Airlines press charter flight accompanying President Kennedy's trip to Texas 21-22 November 1963; hand-written reporter's notes written on the back of White House press releases. Collection overview | Finding aid 

JJH379 (crop): Old North Church, Boston, c. 1847 - 1869

Josiah Johnson Hawes Photograph Collection

Original glass plate negatives and study slides of images of 19th-century Boston and its environs as well as studio portraits taken by photographer Josiah Johnson Hawes, 1863-1897.

EH-C00717T (crop): Ernest Hemingway at his Home, Finca Vigia, in San Francisco de Paula, Cuba, c. 1947

Ernest Hemingway Collection. Photographs

Photographs, 1888-1969. Images collected by Ernest Hemingway, including those made by family, friends, and professional photographers. Includes some original negatives and color transparencies; albums created and compiled by Grace Hall Hemingway; and images made or collected by Mary Hemingway. Collection overview | Finding aid | Digitized photographs 

(See also Ernest Hemingway media galleries.)

BHIPC-440-482 (crop): Jacqueline Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. Dancing at the Wedding of Jean Kennedy Smith, 19 May 1956

Beulah Harris Ignall Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1953-1960. Photographic negatives and prints of three Kennedy family weddings: Eunice Kennedy/R. Sargent Shriver, Patricia Kennedy/Peter Lawford, and Jean Kennedy/Stephen Smith. The collection also contains images of a reception hosted by Grant Stockdale for Senator John F. Kennedy. Collection overview | Finding aid

TJF2007-91:82 (crop): Don Cheadle Appears at Kennedy Library Forum, "Darfur: Not On Our Watch," 4 May 2007

John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Photographs and Recordings

Original negatives, transparencies, prints, and digital images documenting important events, visitors, and exhibits related to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, 1990-present. These images were made by professional photographers hired by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and copyright is retained by the Foundation.

NLJFK90-C49L-2 (crop): Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy Welcomes Nelson Mandela to a Luncheon at the Kennedy Library, 23 June 1990

John F. Kennedy Library Photographs and Recordings

Original negatives, transparencies, contact sheets, and digital images documenting events, visitors, staff, exhibits, and historical materials at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, 1964-present. Images were created by Kennedy Library staff. 

(See also Moving Images and Sound Recordings for descriptions of the collection's moving image and audio materials.)

KFC618N or FY-P18 (crop): Rosemary, John, Eunice, Joe, Jr., and Kathleen Kennedy Swim in Hyannis Port, 1925

Kennedy Family Collection

Photographs, 1878-1980. Images of the John F. Fitzgerald Family, Patrick Joseph Kennedy Family, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., Family, and their friends and associates. Collection overview | Finding aid | Digitized photographs

(For copyright information, go to Licensing Photographs in the Kennedy Family Collection.)

PX65-015:266 (crop): John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy at Hickory Hill, Virginia, 1957

LOOK Magazine Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1957-1963. 8" x 10" black-and-white prints. Images made by LOOK magazine, Cowles Communications, Inc., featuring John F. Kennedy at various events starting as a senator and through his presidency. Members of the Kennedy family, Kennedy Administration, and foreign dignitaries also appear. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX81-32:68-10-3-36 (crop): Robert F. Kennedy Speaks at a Campaign Appearance, 1968

Magnum Photos Collection

Photographs, 1939-1968. 35mm and 4" x 5" black and white contact sheets, one silver-gelatin print, one reel 35mm negative microfilm. Images made by Magnum Photos, Inc. photographers, featuring John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, members of the Kennedy family, and their associates. Photographers represented in the Collection include Eve Arnold, Cornell Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Burt Glinn, Dennis Stock, and others. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX70-20:59 (crop): Members of the Kennedy Family at the Hyannis Port Armory after the Election of John F. Kennedy, 9 November 1960

New Bedford Standard-Times Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1946-1963. Black-and-white prints and negatives of images published in the New Bedford Standard-Times newspaper of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The images feature John F. Kennedy at various events during his tenure as Congressman, Senator, and President, including many photographs of the Kennedy family at Hyannis Port. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX77-23:1093 (crop): President Kennedy Leaves Chicago with a "Cold" during the Cuban Missile Crisis, 20 October 1962

New Orleans Times-Picayune Photograph Collection

Photographs and news clippings, 1919-1966. Wire service and original New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper black-and-white photographs illustrating John F. Kennedy’s life, career, and family. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-104:147 (crop): Charles De Gaulle and Haile Selassie Attend the Burial of John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, 25 November 1963

Newsweek Magazine Photograph Collection

Photographs, black-and-white prints, 1960-1963. Images made by Newsweek magazine photographers featuring John F. Kennedy at events during the 1960 presidential campaign and during his presidency. Members of the Kennedy family, Kennedy Administration officials, and foreign and domestic dignitaries also appear. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-129:91 (crop): President Kennedy and Brother-in-Law Stephen Smith at the White House, 18 July 1963

New York Times Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1957-1970. Black-and-white prints of images made by New York Times photographers featuring John F. Kennedy and administration officials during the Kennedy Presidency; Robert F. Kennedy as Senate Counsel, United States Attorney General, U. S. Senate candidate, United States Senator for New York, and 1968 presidential candidate; and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library at the Federal Archives and Records Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. Collection Overview | Finding aid

PX81-32-65 (crop): Wedding of Senator John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier at Hammersmith Farm, Newport, Rhode Island, 12 September 1953

Photographic Accessions (PX)

Photographs, c. 1868-present. Comprised of approximately 45,000 photographs covering a wide range of topics and donated by a variety of sources to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

PX89-13nonumber (crop): Kenneth P. O'Donnell Campaigning for Governor of Massachusetts, 1970

Photographs from personal papers

Photographic images included in the personal papers of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and Kennedy family members and associates including Burke Marshall, Larry O'Brien, Dave Powers, Sargent Shriver, William Walton, and others. Digitized photographs

JFKPOF-132-012-p0113 (crop): John F. Kennedy in PT-109, c. 1943

Photographs from the President’s Office Files

Photographic images from the President’s Office Files, a sub-collection of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Papers. POF finding aid | Digitized photographs

PC564 (crop): Congressman John F. Kennedy in his Congressional Office, Washington, D.C., c. 1946

President’s Collection Photographs

Photographs, 1919-1963 (bulk 1937-1963). Photographs of John F. Kennedy, his family, his friends and colleagues, and his political activities. Contains photographs of Kennedy's early years, family homes, his naval service during World War II, and his political activities in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The largest portions of this collection cover Kennedy's Senate Years (1953-1960), and the 1960 Presidential Campaign. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX74-19:30 (crop): Jacqueline Kennedy Places Flowers on President Kennedy's Grave, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA, 16 March 1967

Gerald Steinberg Collection

Photographs and other material collected by Gerald Steinberg relating to memorials erected or dedicated in memory of President Kennedy.

Teti Miller Collection (crop): Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy at Bat, undated

Teti-Miller Photograph Collection

Black-and-white photographic prints and color transparencies taken by photographer Frank Teti for the book, Kennedy: The New Generation (1983), 1960s-1980s. Includes photographs of the following families: John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, and Jean Kennedy Smith. Collection overview

PX65-81:5 (crop): President Kennedy Addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 25 September 1961

United Nations Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1953-1965. 8" x 10" black-and-white prints of images created by the United Nations featuring John F. Kennedy at the United Nations in 1961 and 1963, as well as publicity images of international United Nations projects. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-108:SC603950 (crop): President Kennedy Using Binoculars to View a Missile Firing at White Sands Missile Range, 5 June 1963

United States Army Signal Corps Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1955-1964. Color and black-and-white prints and negatives made by Army Signal Corps photographers, featuring John F. Kennedy at various events. Images include President Kennedy with administration officials, legislative leaders, and international dignitaries; and more. Collection overview | Finding aid

(See also WH Audio Collection.)

JFKWHP-AR6447-B (crop): President Kennedy Signs Feed Grains Act (Secretary of Agriculture, Orville Freeman, Looks on), 22 March 1961

United States Department of Agriculture Photograph Collection

Photographs and publicity materials, 1955-1964 (bulk 1961-1963). Black-and-white photographs made by the United States Department of Agriculture during John F. Kennedy’s presidency featuring John F. Kennedy, Secretary of Agriculture, Orville L. Freeman, and images used to illustrate and promote Department of Agriculture programs. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-24-198 (crop): President John F. Kennedy Presents an "E" Award to Department of Commerce Representatives (from United States Department of Commerce Photographs)

United States Department of Commerce Photographs

Photographs and descriptive material, 1957-1963. Activities and programs of the United States Department of Commerce during the Administration of President John F. Kennedy. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-27:78 (crop): President John F. Kennedy Witnesses the Swearing-in of W. Willard Wirtz as Secretary of the Department of Labor (from United States Department of Labor Photographs)

United States Department of Labor Photographs

Photographs, 1961-1963. Black-and-white photographs from the United States Department of Labor made during John F. Kennedy’s Presidency, featuring John F. Kennedy, Secretaries of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg and W. Willard Wirtz, and others; and images used to illustrate Department of Labor programs and initiatives. Collection overview | Finding aid

PX65-2:44 (crop): Peace Corps Volunteer Barbara J. Wylie in Katmandu, Nepal, 1963

United States Peace Corps Photograph Collection

Photographs, 1961-1968 and undated. Black-and-white images of U.S. Peace Corps administrators and staff, and images of volunteers working abroad. Photographers include Rowland Scherman, Paul Conklin, and Abbie Rowe. Collection overview | Finding aid

(See also Peace Corps Films and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection sound recordings.)

SWPC-RFK-C004-003: Senator Robert F. Kennedy Addresses a Crowd at San Fernando Valley State College, California during his 1968 Presidential Campaign, 25 March 1968

Sven Walnum Photograph Collection

Negatives, 1960, 1968, 1982. Original negatives taken by Sven Walnum of John F. Kennedy during the 1960 presidential campaign, Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential primaries, and Edward M. Kennedy during the 1982 United States Senate campaign. Collection overview | Finding aid | Digitized photographs

JFKWHP-KN-C19229 (crop): President John F. Kennedy Meets with William V.S. Tubman, President of Liberia, 19 October 1961

White House Photographs

Still photographs by White House and National Park Service staff photographers documenting the President's activities at the White House, his official trips, and other events; informal moments of the President and his family at the White House, at other residences, on vacations, and at other non-official times; Kennedy Administration officials and members of the Congress; White House staff and visitors to the White House; and White House rooms and grounds. 1961-1963. Collection overview | Finding aid | Digitized photographs