The print materials collection is a special library of published and unpublished literature that centers primarily on the life, career, and times of John F. Kennedy. The collection comprises books, doctoral dissertations, conference papers, government publications, periodicals, microforms, graduate and undergraduate theses, student papers, and clippings. It is intended to serve as a rich if not exhaustive body of Kennedy-related secondary literature. Materials are available on-site to all interested researchers and many may be browsed in the research rooms.

If you are looking for publications on John F. Kennedy, we encourage you to consult the Library's GoodReads page, where you'll find many books on a range of topics related to John F. Kennedy and his times.

Collection development policy

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For more information please contact Kennedy.Library@nara.gov or 617.514.1629.

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JFKWHP-AR6296-E (crop): President Kennedy Speaks at Press Conference, 25 January 1961

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