This is a transcription of this speech made for the convenience of readers and researchers. A single text of the speech exists in the Senate Speech file of the John F. Kennedy Pre-Presidential Papers here at the John F. Kennedy Library.

Ladies and gentlemen: I want to introduce to you the next Congressman from this District, Congressman-to-be Carey. (Applause) And I want you to meet State Senator Jerry Bloom. (Applause I want you to meet Judge Ughetta. Jerry Bloom, Ughetta, Kennedy. (Applause) And here is the candidate for Assemblyman. (Applause After you have voted for all of them, vote for me. (Applause)

I come over here to Brooklyn in this campaign - I come over here to Brooklyn in this campaign to ask your help. This is an important campaign, because the office of the Presidency is important, and on the good judgment, responsibility, sense of vigor, sense of progress, foresight, of the next President of the United States, hangs the lives of all of us. So I run for the Presidency after 14 years in the Congress, because I believe that it is time this country began to move forward again. (Applause) Because I believe that in 14 years in the Congress, on every piece of legislation which benefits the people, I believe the majority of the Democrats have voted "Yes" and the majority of the Republicans have voted "No."

I run against Mr. Nixon - (response from the audience) - I wish he were here to hear that cheer. (Laughter) I wish he would accept the fifth debate so the people of the country could hear. (Applause)

He runs on a slogan of standing up to Khrushchev, and yet he is not willing to let the American people hear him for the fifth time espouse his views of what our country must do.

I come over here to Brooklyn to ask your help. I run for the Presidency in the most difficult time in the life of our country, but with the greatest confidence, that if this country is given the kind of leadership which I believe it needs, if we are willing to go to work again, this country can meet any obstacle and can serve as an inspiration to freedom around the globe. So I come to Brooklyn to ask your help in this campaign, and if we are elected, we are going to go to work. (Applause)