This is a transcription of this speech made for the convenience of readers and researchers. A single copy exists in the Senate Speech file of the John F. Kennedy Pre-Presidential Papers at the John F. Kennedy Library.

SENATOR KENNEDY: Senator Fischer, ladies and gentlemen: I first of all want to express my thanks to all of you for taking Sunday off and coming to the airport to greet us. This is the beginning of this campaign in the State of California, and across the nation. I think here in California in this community of San Diego, I think we can win the Presidential election with your support. (Applause)

The basic issue which separates the Republicans and Democrats in this campaign is whether we are doing as well as we can do. We hold the view that while this is a great country, we can do better; while this is a great state, we can do better; while this is a powerful country, it can be stronger. And I think here in San Diego, which has been one of the boiler points for the building of American strength and American force and American vitality, I think here in San Diego we can lead the Democratic tide. Thank you very much. (Applause)